In the words of my beloved Goodie Mob,

“You need to git up, git out and git something!!”


Since moving to Atlanta, I find myself moping around and complaining about not having any thing to do.  I never took staycation’s seriously.  Hell, if I was not boarding a flight to some exotic locale, then I was not on vacation.  However, when cash is tight, I currently reside in Georgia and have not taken full advantage of all it’s beauty, but I intend to.


There are mountains, vineyards, beaches, restaurants, parks…you get the picture.


I just need to get in my car and drive.  Two of my favorite places to visit are Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA and of course, the river walk in Savannah, GA.


Chateau Elan is a luxury winery and vineyard and also the place where my hubby proposed! 🙂  It is beautiful, but I’ll let you be the judge.




They have an affordable winery and great restaurants on the premises, as well as a spa and golfing.  It’s also a 45 minute drive from the city of Atlanta.  Great choice for a romantic staycation or to drink some wine with the girls.
My second fave, Savannah, is about a 3 hour drive, but so worth it!  I love the cobblestone streets, the river walk with Wet Willies (yes, I’m a lush), and great restaurants and shops.  Honestly, I go so that I can get a late night slice of pizza from Sweet Melissa’s.  Trust me, this is pizza that you must try!!  Seriously, peep this slice:



A slice of pie from Sweet Melissa’s in Savannah, GA


Okay, sorry to make you drool.

Don’t lick the screen, well, not in front of anyone.

Atlanta has a lot to offer, too.  We have strip clubs, some with restaurants that are Zagat rated, cigar bars, beautiful parks, museums, etc.  I say all of this to say, give a staycation a try.  Find some new spots in your local area.  Venture out and do something you never thought to do before and most importantly, have fun!!!

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